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5th Gen Camaro ZL1 Stage 7 Package

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This Package Includes the Following and Should Have You Achieving Around 888 HP:

  • 4.5” Cold Air Induction                                                              

  • Nick Williams 102mm DBW Throttle body

  • Ported Supercharger | Inlet | 102mm Snout

  • -12 AN Fitting/Line Upgrade for ZL1 Lid

  • 2.55” Upper Pullley

  • Solid Isolator

  • ATI LSA Overdrive Balancer

  • 9.5” Overdrive Ring

  • Crank Bolt

  • Idler Relocation Kit

  • Appropriate serpentine belt

  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

  • M1 Methanol

  • Mast Motorsports or Trickflow 255 CNC LS3 Cylinder heads

  • GM MLS Head Gaskets

  • ARP Head Studs

  • High Performance Lifters

  • GM Lifter Trays

  • Custom Comp Camshaft

  • Dual Spring Kit w/TI Retainers

  • ARP Cam Bolts

  • 3 Bolt Timing Gear

  • Hardened Pushrods

  • Trunion Upgrade

  • Katech C5R Timing Chain

  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump

  • All Gaskets & Seals

  • Billet Catch Can with AN Lines/Fittings

  • Valve Cover Breather

  • 160* Thermostat

  • Heat Exchanger system

  • High Capacity Trunk Mount HX Coolant Tank with pump

  • High Temperature Protective Heat Sleeves

  • NGK TR7IX Spark Plugs  

  • American Racing Stainless Long tube Headers with 3” X pipe

  • GM MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

  • High Flow LSA Fuel Injectors

  • High Capacity Fuel System

  • E85 Flex Fuel

  • Custom ECU Calibration

  • Color Print out displaying final results

***Automatic transmission equipped vehicles may require aftermarket stall converter and/or upgraded transmission. 
Please contact a Tune Time representative to discuss your specific goals***

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