Dyno TuningDyno Tuning

Fuel injection systems found on late model vehicles all revolve around proper engine calibration/tuning, in order to achieve optimum performance.  For many owners the engine tune is one of the first modifications done in order to improve performance. Our state of the art Mustang MD500 all wheel drive dynamometer is known throughout the industry for its accuracy. What this means is that the numbers that are seen on the dyno are the actual numbers going to the wheels. Our tuning staff has over a decade of experience and has worked in conjunction with tuning experts Greg Banish and Linden Wester.

Tuning can be scheduled with our staff in order to tune your vehicle directly on the dyno. All tunes have been extensively tested on the dyno to ensure both optimum performance and engine reliability.  If your tune is done on our premisis your file is kept in our database for future reference.  The dyno can also be rented by the hour or by the day. On occasion groups of owners will have "Dyno Days" at our shop where they can get together and swap ideas while their vehicles are being ran on the dyno.

We tune FAST XFI and Big Stuff software as well.


Pcm's can be sent to us for a base/startup file to be installed. NOTE: These startup files are soley for the purpose of getting your car running and to our shop (Or reputable tuner) for final tuning! To set anything up just call the shop, 732-349-7800.

Street Tunes are $400

Basic bolt on Dyno Tunes start at $500 but vary according to vehicle and mods done...

Boost/Nitrous Tuning starts at $650...

Re-Tunes are only $150 per hour.

All vehicles in the shop for tuning (Unless stock) are subject to a half hour to an hour of labor for shakedown/diagnostic time to ensure the vehicle is fit to be tuned/ran on the dyno.  (This helps keep us from having to tune around or diag issues that could have been fixed prior to starting the tuning process.)