The new Camaro responds great to supercharging, let Tunetime Performance set your car up with one of our supercharger packages to unlock your cars inner performance capabilities.

2010+ Camaro TVS2300 Magnacharger 2010+ Camaro TVS2300 Magnacharger
This kit delivers power gains of approximately 120 horsepower and 120 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels @ 6 psi. Besides peak horsepower and torque this supercharger offers significantly enha...
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2010+ Camaro SS ProCharger 2010+ Camaro SS ProCharger
2010 Camaro SS Performance Packages Bolt On 175-375 more HP! If you've already picked up the sleek new Camaro SS from the dealership, but now you’re worried that its just like all the oth...
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2010+ Camaro Vortech V3 Si Supercharger kit 2010+ Camaro Vortech V3 Si Supercharger kit
The 2010 and up Camaro SS system uses Vortech’s V-3 Si supercharger.  Continued development in Vortech’s Lab resulted in the V-3 Si. The “i” stands for improved and with...
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